Creating a website and community of this magnitude has been in no way a solitary endeavor. It’s vitally important to acknowledge the love and labor that has gone into establishing A Mighty Kindness and bringing this brand, website, and community to life.


The “Zero Circle” and “A Mighty Kindness” watercolor artwork was created by watercolor artist and Feng Shui expert Áine Atara. When I commissioned these pieces, we reviewed the original translation of Rumi’s poem Zero Circle and collaborated on color board and visual inspiration, which Áine used to create these two decadent and inspiring pieces of artwork. I scanned the art for the website and framed the originals that now hang in my office at the Parsonage. Every time—and I mean every single time—I see this artwork, it takes my breath away. Exquisite!

Logo and Style Guide

I worked with designer—and now business coach—Lisa Wood on the original A Mighty Kindness brand: the logo and style guide. Lisa created the logo and style guide based on Áine’s artwork and my vision for the organization. It took me nearly 6 years to bring this idea to fruition so the original website ideas and final designs were handed to another designer to complete. I will forever be grateful for my friend and partner, Lisa, for her accessible logo for A Mighty Kindness and for hanging in with me when I stopped and started this project a mere three times.

Final Branding and Website Design

I had the wonderful privilege of working with designer Justin Clark when he was a freelancer at Sounds True and I knew I wanted to work with him on A Mighty Kindness. His final branding and design beautifully brought together Lisa’s original branding and logo designs and Áine’s artwork, while adding in these crucial elements of mysticism. His use of sacred geometry and line art, plus extending the style guide for the House of Belonging and adding all the gold accents—all in conjunction with the color schemes of the original artwork—absolutely blows my mind every time I look at this site. He is also one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I have the pleasure of working with in my career.

Website Development and Technical Wizardry

Dan Fennell took one of the more rich and visually complex designs I’ve worked with in my long career and brought it to life so beautifully and—seemingly—effortlessly. He has the patience of a technical angel and is so thoughtful and kind. Dan is also a great teacher and took the time to help educate along with assisting me. This website came together during one of the most difficult periods of my life and I will never forget the kindness of Dan (and Justin) showed as they journeyed alongside me to bring this vision alive.

Pep Talks and Copy Review

My dear friend and kindred spirit Bridgette Boudreau has been coach, teacher, boss, and friend to me for 12 years now. She has supported my spiritual path and vision since I first went to chaplaincy school and has encouraged me every step of the way. She also read every scrap of copy for this website and reminds me how important this work is every time we talk. We’ve been through the shit together, gentle readers, and we are both all the better for it—both better friends and better people. (If you want to drop her a line and tell her to write her damn book already, check out her contact page. She’s also a fantastic coach and mentor.)

Partnership and Ongoing Support

Finally, I want to acknowledge my fellow Lantern Keepers Jen Trulson and Erin Brimmer. They read all the copy, gave ongoing feedback on website design and layout, and held the vision for what we are creating here, together. Erin selected and set up the products, vetted vendors, created product designs, and helps sort out any issues with the Illuminarium. Jen set up the House of Belonging platform and manages the community in addition to holding the vision for A Mighty Kindness over the past 6 years. They are both vital and essential to that which is A Mighty Kindness, the Illuminarium, the House of Belonging, and everything we offer here. I love you both. Truly. Madly. Deeply. You can find more from Jen at and Erin at