Interspiritual Mentorship

For those of you looking for more individualized, one-on-one spiritual support, Rev. Jessica Steward offers interspiritual Mentorship services. Interspiritual Mentorship draws primarily from the model of Spiritual Direction, which has been a long-time tradition in many different faiths from Roman Catholicism, to Judaism, and to Sufism. However, you don’t have to be religious, let alone believe in God, the Divine, or the soul to want support and mentorship in making more meaning in your life or to have a direct felt sense of being connected to something bigger than yourself.

As your Interspiritual Mentor, Jessica will meet you wherever you are on your spiritual exploration and offer meditations, readings, and practices to help support your journey without the dogma or the drama. With her signature blend of wit and wisdom and her ability to navigate paradox and liminal spaces with grace, Jessica can help you uncover inspiration and wisdom across many different traditions and apply it to your own personal belief system. Drawn to unexpected metaphors and nontraditional approaches to life, Jessica is ready to “go there” with you. If you want to learn the practice Lectio Divina (a traditional monastic practice of scriptural readings and meditative prayer) but use lyrics from Rage Against the Machine, bring it on. If you want a practice to draw more meaning and inspiration from the natural world, consider it done. Jessica can easily blend the secular with the spiritual to help you on your path.

Getting Started

You and Jessica will meet on a regular basis that works for your particular intentions and desired outcomes.

Thematically, you can expect the conversations during you interspiritual mentorship conversations to cross several themes, including: 1) where and how the presence of the Divine can be experienced in your life/when do you feel most expanded, connected, and alive 2) how to better ground and center yourself to receive guidance from your Higher Self/the Divine more regularly 3) how to enrich your spiritual life through regularly implementation of various spiritual practices and what those might look like for you 4) how to cultivate the soul or your higher self and its role in your life and 5) how to best navigate transitions, challenges, and liminal spaces.

Each session is $85 with a preferred 3-session commitment. Scholarship pricing is available on a case-by-case basis. Contact jessica [at] amightykindness [dot] org to begin.

“We’re all just walking each other home.”

—Ram Dass

Celebrant Services

Marking an important life transition with ritual, ceremony, and celebration is sorely lacking in our culture and can often leave some of the most important experiences or decisions in our life feeling incomplete or not fully acknowledged, especially for those of us who identify as “spiritual but not religious” or Humanist.

As an ordained Interfaith Minister, Rev. Jessica Steward loves to work with couples, individuals, and families to help shift that cultural paradigm by creating a unique and meaningful ceremony to honor all different rites of passages for themselves or for their loved ones. When we formally acknowledge, honor, and celebrate the crossing of a threshold in our lives, we give ourselves the gift of acknowledging, honoring, and celebrating our personal or communal transformation.

These transitions and transformations can include:

  • Weddings
  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • Handfastings
  • Vow Renewals
  • Blessingway Ceremony for New Parents
  • Baby Naming/Blessing Ceremony
  • Funeral or Memorial Service
  • House Blessings
  • Family Union/Adoption Celebration Ceremonies

Drawing from a diverse pool of resources and experiences, Jessica will work with you to design a beautiful, personally significant and highly memorable ceremony that is filled with warmth, love, reverence, and delight. In addition to more traditional rituals and ceremonies, Rev. Steward loves to incorporate the unusual and non-traditional into her ceremonies, be it a beer blending ritual during a wedding ceremony or conducting a memorial service for your former self. Having a wise, compassionate, thoughtful, and even fun partner to support you in your rite of passage or transition can make all the difference.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in working with Jessica, please contact her to set up a free initial consultation at jessica [at] amightykindness [dot] org.

Fees range from $150 for a simple civil marriage ceremony to approximately $525 for a fully custom-designed ceremony with a rehearsal prior to the event.

Celebrant Services are highly intimate experiences and require careful planning and preparation. Several meetings between Rev. Steward and the client may be required and will be reviewed during the initial consultation. Based on your unique needs, prices will be discussed and agreed on accordingly.

Note: As an ordained minister, Rev. Steward is able to conduct legally-binding marriage services.

Deepen Into the Mystery

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