There are many guises for intelligence.
One part of you is gliding in a high windstream,
while your more ordinary notions
take little steps and peck at the ground.
Conventional knowledge is death to our souls,
and it is not really ours. It is laid on.
Yet we keep saying we find “rest” in these “beliefs.”
We must become ignorant of what we have been taught
and be instead bewildered.
Run from what is profitable and comfortable.
Distrust anyone who praises you.
Give your investment money, and the interest
on the capital, to those who are actually destitute.
Forget safety. Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.
I have tried prudent planning long enough.
From now on, I’ll be mad.


How can I more fully express myself in the world and, in turn, give permission for others to do the same?

Your spiritual tastes are varied and eclectic. You love exploring and combining a breadth of ancient wisdom practices and religious traditions to create a spiritual life that is meaningful for you. Ganesha, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, and Buddha all share equal space on your altar or bookshelf. You find spiritual inspiration in unusual places. You feel comfortable with your beliefs in the safety of your own circle and are confident that your curious mind keeps you open and accepting of other cultures and belief systems.

It’s taken you years to cultivate a spiritual life that is both nourishing and satisfying. And you want more.

Perhaps you were raised in a rigid belief system or even raised in the chaos of a life without a strong spiritual center. Perhaps your family or your culture handed down the “Truth” to you and expected you to accept it without question. Maybe they shut down conversations about the “Who,” “What,” or “Why” of the world, discouraging you from asking the hard questions in life, maybe so they themselves wouldn’t have to answer. Now, they might think you are a “little out there” or maybe even “weird” or “crazy.” But you can feel yourself embracing this new-found notoriety; You are free from a life that no longer fits you. You are ready to embrace it more fully and “live where you fear to live”—in your truth more completely. Eager to keep learning. Ready to show up more authentically in the world, as a force of good.

You want to feel confident and grounded in the practices and beliefs you’ve adopted, no matter what.

You have enjoyed questioning every part of your spiritual identity and exploring different ways to fully express yourself in the world. Now, you are looking for support on how to live these spiritual beliefs, while also walking confidently in the world of other people’s belief systems. You’re eager to find others like you: open-minded, curious, loving, and kind seekers, skeptics, and scamps who challenge you and encourage you to embrace your originality.

How can I stay strong in my beliefs, while engaging in deeper conversations?

In the past you may have shied away from having deep—and sometimes uncomfortable— conversations on faith, politics with people outside the safety of your inner circle. It can be scary to confront tough topics head on, but you’re up for it. As you embark on living the full expression of your spiritual life, you’d love some practical support on how to walk alongside those who might disagree with you, while still being a force of kindness in the world. You want to learn new ways of building bridges to others who may have different beliefs and yearn for a community that can support you in that mission. You feel strong in your spiritual beliefs and are ready to learn how to express yourself in powerful conversations.

Where will my journey take me next?

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