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At A Mighty Kindness, our goal is to offer a sanctuary for like-minded, like-spirited individuals who may:

  • Consider themselves “spiritual but not religious” and want a safe place to explore various spiritual concepts and ancient wisdom traditions outside of the confines of dogmatic theology or organized religions.
  • Yearn for a strong community of fellow seekers, skeptics, and scamps to travel alongside during this journey towards deeper exploration and meaning-making.
  • Feel the urgent pull towards addressing issues of social justice, equity, inclusivity, and diversity to help amplify voices of revolutionary thinkers and to give voice to the perpetually ignored.
  • Have at the core of their existence one fundamental question: who do I want to be in this world?

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Discover More Meaning and Purpose in Your Life

As a Seeker, there is a pervasive need to find greater meaning and a spiritual basis for your life and you haven’t quite found it in traditional religious structures. You’d love help figuring out options for alternative belief systems—to experience greater exposure to different wisdom traditions—but aren’t sure how without a religious structure. You often feel isolated and lonely in your search for connection to something deeper and more profound and can get overwhelmed by trying to find the right resources to help build a spiritual practice that feels good for you.


Contribute to Something Bigger Than Yourself

As a Skeptic, you aren’t interested in traditional religious structures or the drama that all too often comes along with it. Instead you are curious: about the world, about human nature, about science, psychology, sociology, history, and philosophy. You are curious about and how that all intersects with the innate spiritual expression of humankind. You may call yourself “spiritual but not religious,” “agnostic,” or even identify as a Humanist. You understand that spirituality is more than just sitting in a church or a temple—it is sitting in community with other like-minded people who want to help remake the world into a better place for all.


Deepen Your Commitment to Spiritual Exploration

As a Scamp, you already know you have a non-traditional belief system—a blending of different concepts, philosophies, faiths, and traditions— but want a supportive, loving, and safe community to express them. You may have been raised in a rigid religious or family structure where questions were not only unwelcome but actively discouraged. Now free to fully express yourself, you’re eager to explore new ideas, develop new practices, and deepen into a spiritual life with the ease and confidence you’ve always craved.

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Deepen Into the Mystery

Come shine your light on the shore of the Great Mystery. Use modern means to explore ancient wisdom traditions and stay up-to-date on the latest offerings, inspiration, and resources available for you as a Seeker, Skeptic, or Scamp.

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