• Facilitated by Lantern Keeper Jen Trulson
  •  7 weeks of slowing down, tuning into the season, and savoring summer
  • Weekly prompts and videos with two zoom gatherings on 8/1 and 8/30 at 5pm PT / 8pm ET
  • July 17 through August 30th, 2023

Summer is the annual permission slip to be lazy. To do nothing and have it count for something. To lie in the grass and count the stars. To sit on a branch and study the clouds.” ~Regina Brett

We live in a commercialized world, rooted in “doing” and where productivity is the measure of our worth and we’re encouraged to mindlessly consume.What if, instead, we devote ourselves to living differently?

What if, instead, we learned to slow down and savor life?

Welcome to Savoring Summer— an invitation to live life differently. To sink in. To slow down. Together, we will create space to deepen, wonder, and play. We will experiment with co-creating our sacred lives in relationship with nature’s elements and invitations. We will prioritize and honor “being” as the holy state that it is. Nothing is required for this journey except your desire to learn how to truly savor and appreciate the pace of summer.

In this special 7-week offering, enjoy seasonally-appropriate weekly invitations to journaling, contemplation, rest, reflection, and so much more. This inner journey of sacred delight will be a combination of self-paced content with just a few live gatherings to honor the season’s invitation of—you guessed it—sinking in and slowing down.

As your guide, Lantern Keeper Jen Trulson truly walks a path of devotion when it comes to honoring the rhythms and the cycles of nature and all that each season has to offer for herself—and helping others to do the same. She loves to walk with women who are pulled to live in reciprocity with nature as our guide and “being” as our default mode. To live in exchange with life.

Your inner road trip into spaciousness, reverence, and joy begins July 17, 2023 ending on a Blue Moon—the second full moon of the month—August 30, 3023.

The Invitation

Hello, Friend—

Every year, summer whispers, “Slow down, sink in, savor me.” While “hot as hell” may not be my favorite temperature, the warmth and wonder of the season is one I deeply cherish. Something about this time of year invites me to abandon my regular routines and rhythms for those infused with more connection and wonder. I still partake in practices to ground and center me. However there is a sense of more space—hello, long summer days.

You see, I have a thing for slowing down. Pausing. I believe that each season invites a different energy. While winter feels more like a time to tend to our tender and tired parts, summer feels like a time to embody the vitality of the sun—life force energy itself. It’s an opportunity to be open to its abundant invitations of connection, playfulness, and wonder.

Come join me on a 7-week journey to sink in, slow down, and savor summer. Deepen into and connect with the invitations of our natural world and Divine Guidance to return to your own sacred rhythm this season. During our time together, I’ll provide abundant space and support for you to reflect on what “savoring summer” means for you.

We begin on July 17th with the Cancer New Moon, tuning into Luna’s invitations and guidance. We’ll gather live via a Zoom call around each full moon—August 1st and 30th—for celebration, sharing and ceremony. And how special!? Our closing call will be on the Blue Full Super Moon in Pisces at the end of August. (Don’t worry, I’ll explain exactly what that means when we’re together…)

Each week, enjoy moon forecasts with journaling prompts for each new and full moon. Wake up every Monday morning to a sacred invitation and Divine Guidance to help support you in living in relationship with the season, nature, and world around you. Consider it your companion for the week in sinking in and slowing down.

Over the weekend, you’ll get a little love note from me too. It will be something to support you in reflecting and mining the magic and medicine from your week. Reflection and contemplation will help nurture and deepen your relationship to both self and summer.

So come. Walk with me this mid-summer. A season of softening.

Are you ready to savor summer? Let’s slow down. Sink into your natural summer rhythm. Allow the season’s invitations to support and guide you. Let’s savor summer together.

xox, jen

About Our Circle

Are you ready to sink in and slow down? Are you eager to walk through the summer in reverence and presence? Here’s what you’ll experience during our time together.

Together we will…

  • Gather on the full moon to honor its invitations, share our stories, and celebrate our experiences of savoring summer’s magic and medicine. 
  • Experience how showing up for yourself and each other in-circle is a sacred exchange with the Spirit of Summer. What you give you will receive tenfold in return.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to feel nourished, inspired, and empowered
  • Share our voices while also practicing being a compassionate presence for each—lovingly witnessing, gently listening, and softly being. 
  • Sit “shoulder to shoulder” in a virtual circle without fixing, saving, or giving advice.

The Details

  • Each Monday, wake up to our community invitation to connect, daydream, and reflect.
    • Support for slowing down and sinking into the season, sprinkled with summer surprises.
  • Each weekend, wake up to find another love note from me, reflecting on the week and inviting you to do the same.
  • Each Full Moon, we will gather in circle via zoom, to celebrate our walk with savoring summer.
    • Tuesday, August 1st, for the Aquarius Super Full Moon.
    • Wednesday, August 30th, for the Pisces Super Full Blue Moon.
  • We’ll gather at 5:00pm PT/8:00pm ET for 60 – 90 minutes
  • Each in-person circle will include:
    • A gently guided rest-in to gently arrive, together.
    • An overview of the season’s invitations, including the full moon forecast.
    • Ample time to connect, reflect and share your experience, and deepen into slowing down and sinking in.
    • A guided rest-out, to return to the world a little softer and grounded.
  • A private community in the House of Belonging on Mighty Networks to encourage sharing.
    • Our sacred spot to inspire, empower, and connect between our two live calls.
  • Each circle will be lovingly facilitated by Jen Trulson, using the Circle Sanctum model.

**The two full moon circles will be recorded. However, you won’t want to miss the live calls infused with summer’s joy and gold.**

What You’ll Receive

As part of this circle you will receive:

  • 1 (one) private community to gather on Mighty Networks
  • 2 (two) 60 to 90-minute, In-Person Community Gatherings on the August Super Full Moons
  • 7 (seven) weeks of bi-weekly invitations to support you in slowing down, sinking in, and savoring summer


  • Receive access to a library of rest meditations, contemplative prompts, and free resources when you join our free Kindness Community, The House of Belonging.

How to Prepare for Live Circle

  • Come comfortable. You are encouraged to come as you are from your summer space or cozy corner, where you can join the circle uninterrupted.
  • Bring a journal and pen and your summer self, experiences, and reflections.
  • Nourish and support yourself before and during circle. Have something to quench your thirst and a little snack if needed.

Register Now

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In the spirit of this “collective care fellowship”, all paid programs offer 3 tiers of pricing: Collective Care Beneficiary, Collective Care Maintainer, and Collective Care Contributor. We may play all of these roles throughout our lives and wherever you find yourself in this moment is welcome.

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