A March Creative + Rest Offering

Facilitated by Lantern Keeper and Daring to Rest Facilitator Jen Trulson

Inspiration is in the air. We are at the tail end of Winter, approaching Spring. Mother Earth is waking up. With the light growing longer each day, I felt the urge to collage sans reason or purpose.

So on March 2nd, for whatever reason, I did.

Magazines. Ripped pages. Taped into an art journal. Words written. A Modged Podged cover. For no reason.

I didn’t spend much time. 3 double-sided pages later, I can’t stop looking at them. I see “me” in them and feel so much joy.

Would you like to carve out time for creative rest too? 

Join me on Fridays in March for Creative Rest. Let awe and wonder in. We’ll begin promptly at the top of the hour and spend a minimum of 50 minutes “creatively resting.” Spend this time however creative rest is calling you…  reading a book, napping, daydreaming, playing with art supplies, going for a walk in nature, staring out your window while sipping something delicious, etc.

The flow during our Creative Rest time together is:

  • Rest In

  • Short Check-in

  • Creative Rest

  • Circle & Share*

  • Rest out

  • Collective good-bye

*Sharing is always optional! 

I’ll rest us in and out to open and close the circle. Come to one or all circles. Come late, leave early. There are no rules. This is a place to rest and restore creatively.

I know passive and active rest are essential in my life as a Lantern Keeper. I ebb and flow in my practices. I didn’t decide it was time to weave creative rest into my days, I was led. Spring, and the astrological forecast right now, naturally guided me. Leaning into my Human Design also showed me the way. Immersing myself in what’s lighting me up right now and choosing to do it collectively instead of individually. Inspired by my love of rest, rest sister groups, this blog post which was inspired by this article.

I hope you’ll join me.

RSVP here.

xox, jen

This is a free offering, available exclusively to members of our free kindness community—The House of Belonging. In order to participate in any free House of Belonging events, you simply need to join our community and RSVP to the event.