Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Weekly from April 17 through May 22, 2022

Facilitated by Rev. Jessica Steward

[Registration is limited to 6 people]

As miraculous creatures, we are always in conversation with ourselves and with spirit. But are we really listening? Are we tuned in to that inner voice and have we quieted our mind enough to really hear what is being said? In this intimate circle, six kindred souls will learn how to “listen generously” to your higher self and to tap into its deepest wisdom. Using a powerful and transformative form of writing called “Proprioceptive Writing,” you will learn how to slow down your thoughts and begin to focus on what is called “inner hearing.” Together, we will learn how to listen to our inner voice with empathy and curiosity in order to connect with spirit and gain insights that open both our hearts and minds.

Journaling as a Contemplative Practice

Coming Fall 2022

Facilitated by Lantern Keeper Jen Trulson

Every morning, Jen wakes up, makes her coffee, grabs her favorite pen, and opens her journal to begin a communion with the page. Combining contemplative-style reflection and intention-setting exercises, Jen will help you develop a regular journaling practice to help you receive your thoughts, feelings, intentions, and desires without judgment. Learning how to journal as a contemplative practice will help you deepen your awareness of and connection with your body, mind, heart, and spirit in order to see and respond to the realities of the world from a place of curiosity and love. Begins Fall 2022. Join the waitlist to be the first to learn when registration opens.


Play as a Spiritual Practice

Dates TBD

Facilitated by Lantern Keeper Erin Brimmer

Coyote, the mischievous Trickster. St. Francis, the Holy Fool. Nasreddin, the Sufi Satirist. In nearly every religious tradition, play and playfulness is an essential practice to help transform, release, and reveal the deepest truths of our spiritual lives. In this immersive and fully-experiential course, join Lantern Keeper and Artist-in-Residence Erin Brimmer to tap into curiosity, joy, and wonder through art, nature, and good old-fashioned play to experience the sheer exuberance of being. With weekly practices, Erin will expertly guide you on how to deepen into your creative, expressive, and most joy-filled life. Dates are TBD. Join the waitlist to be the first to learn when registration opens.


Deepen Into the Mystery

Come shine your light on the shore of the Great Mystery. Use modern means to explore ancient wisdom traditions and stay up-to-date on the latest offerings, inspiration, and resources available for you as a Seeker, Skeptic, or Scamp.

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