House of Belonging Kind-lines

    1. This group is for you.  Share things. Learn things. Ask questions. Get support. Offer support. Get to know each other. Have fun. We are A Mighty Kindness, together!
    2. Be respectful of yourself and others, this includes honoring our differences. We do this by welcoming thoughtful conversation without bypassing difficult discussion. Consider these questions: “Am I building a deeper sense of belonging and community where we can be together without having to be the same? Or, is my contribution creating division or adding shame or pressure to be the same? What kind of community am I helping to create with my contribution?” 
      1. Please use “CW” and appropriate keywords to indicate “Content Warning” for difficult posts that may be upsetting to readers that don’t reference a traumatic experience. (e.g., things that refer to a phobia, to nudity, to blood)
      2. Please use “TW” and appropriate keywords to indicate “Trigger Warning” for content that may impact someone with a traumatic experience. This can include sexual assault, violence against others, animal abuse, or incidents related to PTSD or mental illness.
  • Speak from your own perspective. Speak in “I” statements, rather than “You” statements. For example, “I experienced … “ versus “You should x, y, z.” We practice compassionate witnessing rather than fixing, saving, and advising. 
  1. Be kind, to yourself and others. Please refrain from all profane, defamatory, offensive or violent language or materials. This includes any and all hateful or discriminatory comments or posts regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or political beliefs. 
  2. Honor Confidentiality. What’s shared here stays here. Comments, posts, and conversations shared in this group are considered private and should not be shared outside the group without the express permission of the original poster. If someone posts a meme, link, post please ask for permission to share outside this group.
  3. Marketing-free zone. We welcome your stories, successes and insights here and ask you not specifically promote yours, others, or affiliate offerings here, including free services. NOTE: We will create a specific forum and make a specific invitation for you to share your services, art, wares, or offerings. We will post specific kind-lines on what can be shared in this forum to ensure we are not detracting from the mission and vision of A Mighty Kindness and the House of Belonging.
  4. We welcome proposals from community members to lead community circles, offer a product for purchase via our Illuminarium, or serve the community in other ways that may not be outlined here. You may email us at with details on your proposal.