Finding Sanctuary Within: A Grief Retreat

September 13-17 2022; Stockbridge, VT

Led by Rev. Jessica Steward + Lantern Keeper Jen Trulson

[Limited to 5 people]

We live in a grief-illiterate culture, one that looks away or shifts uncomfortably when we encounter another person who has lost something—or someone—that was precious in their lives. Yet grief is a necessary and sacred emotion and the grieving process—while often terribly lonely—is not meant to be undertaken solely on our own. In this 4-night, 5-day retreat, enjoy the sanctuary of a remote private home in the Green Mountains of Vermont where we will gather to honor our grief by connecting with nature, listening to music, engaging in movement, creating art, writing and journaling, tending a fire, brushing horses, eating good food, getting lots of rest, and laughing a lot. (Yes. A lot.) Whether your grief is fresh or a long-time companion, you will feel fully held and completely supported as you tap into what author Karla McLaren calls the “deep river of your soul.” Come. Bring your whole self and the depth and breadth of your emotions to this holy and transforming circle. Let the love of community nourish and heal you.


Bring Your Own Books (BYOB): A Reader’s Sanctuary Retreat

Early May 2023; Morrisville, VT

Led by Rev. Jessica Steward and Jen Trulson

[Limited to 8 people]

Imagine a cabin in the woods with fireplaces, couches, and plenty of cozy nooks for reading, resting, and simply being. Every delicious and nourishing meal is provided and your only task is to finally get to that stack of books you’ve been meaning to read for weeks, months, maybe even years. After you wake up, take all the time you need to journal, meditate, move your body, and eat breakfast before diving into reading. Grab a nosh for lunch, take a walk or keep reading. It doesn’t matter. The day is yours. Each night we’ll gather for a communal dinner where we share what we have learned or enjoyed from our day of reading. We’ll laugh. Connect. And go to sleep feeling deeply fulfilled for 5 days and 4 nights. Non-fiction, fiction, memoir, graphic novels…it’s doesn’t matter what you read but that you read. Join us! It’s a BYOB—Bring Your Own Books—kind of retreat and we can’t wait to create a reader’s sanctuary for you. Coming early May 2023. Join the waitlist to be the first to learn when registration opens.


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